VPN-Speed VPN 畅销排行历史(中国)



最新排行 变化 最好纪录
畅销排行 - - 95
付费排行 - - -
免费排行 - - 51


App Store 价格:免费.

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Speed accelerator, unlimited flow!
Provide a variety of quality routes, experience super fast, smooth!
One key connection, use immediately, high speed stability not drop line!

More advantages:
1. The interface is super simple, with no special features, and a one-click connection can be used.
2. High-speed and stable network, the Internet does not need to wait long;
3. Various quality routes, choose more;
4. More advantages for you to discover and experience.

Subscription information:
In-app purchases are not asutomatically renewed.
The package is $2.99 for 7 days and $4.99 for 1 month package. $10.99 for 3-month package; $25.99 for one year package.
* after confirmation of purchase, payment can be made to the iTunes account.
* the current subscription cannot be cancelled while the subscription is active.
* if the user buys a subscription plan within the time limit of the free trial package (if available), the unused portion of the time limit will be invalid.
* when the subscription is due, it will be repurchased if necessary.